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An Overview of Our Commercial and Industrial Job Shop

BID Machine Inc. has been in business since 2003 and is the result of a desire to create a business based on the work history of three individuals. Pat DeLanie has worked for over 20 years at another companies, building the business from a small enterprise with a limited customer base to a half-million-dollar shop. Sean Benson, as the owner of Western Refuse, a customer of that same company, recognized the potential of diversified support business.

We built a solid reputation for honest, fair dealings with customers, vendors, and employees. Servicing customers' needs while enabling businesses to grow, and doing so in an environment that promotes hard work and loyalty.

This loyalty and confidence in our ability to establish a new business is reflected in our expanded customer base and the vendor's who have extended credit based on our personal histories.

BID Grew

Slowly with a minor expansion planned for the first quarter of 2004. That plan was accelerated by gaining a significant customer in TPAC®, the major contractor for the Cardinal Stadium. We successfully expanded to an even larger location at 3235 N. Delaware St. in Chandler, AZ.

Benson and DeLanie, founders of BID Machine, would like the opportunity to BID for your business.
"Timeless Principles, Modern Technology"

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